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Barry Norris Studio offers the highest quality, fine art digital print services using state-of-the-art Epson 11880 and Epson 9900 printers in conjunction with custom, in-house color management. Below are the steps we take in the process of making a Fine Art Inkjet Print or “Giclée”.

“First artwork is captured or scanned”
(see the digital capture section for a full explanation).

After the scanned image in carefully cropped and cleaned (scanned film often requires significant cleaning), the proofing process begins. “Proofing”, or matching the digital scan to the original artwork through fine adjustments to colors and values, requires a detailed knowledge of Photoshop and close collaboration with our clients to realize the desired result on the medium of their choice. Only when our clients are fully satisfied with the “proof” do we move on to the final output.


Color Bars for Printing at Barry Norris Studio, Taos, New MexicoDigital Color Management

A digital file is a set of numbers which contains the color information of every pixel in an image. However these numbers are interpreted differently by computer monitors and printers. The science of how you translate this color information from one device to another is part of what is called color mangement. In addition every single medium or substrate (eg. paper or canvas) will print the same digital file differently. As a result, each medium needs to have its own individual “profile” or tag to tell the printer how it should render colors for that particular medium. Color print profiles, or ICC output profiles, are often created by paper manufacturers, but these are generic and tend to be less accurate than custom profiles made for a unique printer and medium setup.

Another dimension of color management is the way in which the printer is instructed to behave. This is called the density/linearization curve which is specific to each individual printer/medium combination and assures an accurate rendering of the values from dark to light.

We custom build all our color profiles and density/linearization curves in-house.  As a result, our prints display the greatest possible color accuracy, shadow detail, black density, color saturation and smooth transitions in tones. This means you get superbly accurate fine art prints which look much like your original artwork.


Archiving and Asset Management

As soon as we print an image for you we automatically archive the digital file with all of our adjustments in an array of hard drives in a mirrored raid (redundant array of independent disks) configuration with an offsite copy at all times, making it very unlikely that your image could ever be lost. We will also prepare and send files for adverts, catalogs etc. All of these services are provided free of charge to our clients.


Shop Printers at Barry Norris Studio, Taos, New MexicoEquipment

We have worked with every generation of wide format Epson printers using Pigment Inks. We currently print on Epson 9900 and 11880 printers using Epson Ultrachrome K3 Vivid Magenta and Ultrachrome HDR (high dynamic range) inks.


File submission

Please Submit files in TIFF, RAW or JPEG format at 300 pixels per inch (commonly called dpi). For other formats like PSD, EPS, AI, INDD or PDF, please call first.

For Print Pricing please click hereFine Watercolor Art Paper  |  Canvas

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