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I’m not a professional photographer, can you print my digital photographs?

Absolutely, Yes! Although we offer specialist fine art print services, we are more than happy to print your digital photographs. Modern digital cameras usually have sufficient resolution (megapixels) to print good quality images. We can print your images on either a matte finish paper or one of two gloss/satin papers. All our papers are acid-free, archival, cotton rag papers. If you approve the print on sceen without going through a detailed proofing process, we can reduce the cost to you by 30%.


What media can I print on?

The fine art digital printing realm has seen an explosion of archival papers and canvas in recent years. We have tested and come up with a range of papers and canvas we use, which we feel are some of the best available today.

Watercolor Papers: We use Crane Museo Max, Epson Someset Velvet and Espon textured Fine Art. Epson Enhanced Matte (also known as premium presentation matte). Apart from Epson Enhanced Matte, all of these are premium archival, acid-free, cotton-rag papers. In addition, the Crane papers do not use any optical brighteners to enhance the white point of the paper.

Gloss Photographic Papers: We use Crane Museo Silver Rag, Hahnemule Baryta Photo Rag, Espon Exhibition Fiber and Harman Gloss FB. All of these are premium photographic papers which demonstrate incredible dynamic ranges, color accuracy, D-Max, Perfect Neutrals and a range of surfaces to suit your needs.

Canvas: We have settled on Breathing Color Brilliance Chromata White Matte Canvas as our only canvas. Significant testing has shown this to be a beautiful, very slightly textured, extremely stable canvas with excellent color characteristics.

Other: We are also able to print on fabrics, adhesive backed vinyl and vellum. The list is not exhaustive, so please call us to discuss using any of these or other media.


Is my artwork protected?

Prints on paper should be treated like any orginal watercolor, photograph or pastel. They should be mounted or framed, behind glass and out of direct sunlight. Prints on canvas are typically stretched rather than framed. As a consequence they are more vulnerable to damage. The canvas we use is a very durable and largely waterproof canvas, however it is still vulnerable to dirt and scuffing or scratching. This is why we laminate all of our canvas prints with a film laminate specially created for this purpose in a heat-vacuum press which melts the fine laminate into the surface of the canvas, while preserving its texture. The laminate comes in either a satin or matte finish.


Can you drymount prints, stretch canvas or frame art?

We offer a full drymounting service on archival foamcore. We can also stretch your canvas prints for you. See pricing for details. We do not offer any framing services but can recommend excellent local framers.

For Print Pricing please click here: Fine Watercolor Art Paper  |  Canvas

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