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 What is direct digital capture?

In order to reproduce your art, whether it is for a fine art giclée print, your portfolio or an advertisement, it must be turned into a digital file. We use a Betterlight® Super 6K2 digital scan-back to take ultra-high resolution Direct Digital Captures of your art work. The scan-back is set up much like a medium format camera under color correct studio lighting and literally scans the art (rather than merely taking a photograph) capturing all the detail of your original; down to the weave of the canvas or texture of the paper. A scan can take 7 minutes and produces upto a 311mb file. In contrast even high-end digital SLR cameras will only produce a file 1/10th the size. For artwork or sculpture that needs to be photgraphed for advertisements or catalogs, we can shoot your images with a Canon 5D, digital SLR camera.


What about texture or metallics?

When you create a piece richly textured with impasto oil work or have carved an intricate relief, you probably want the texture captured. At Barry Norris Studio we have developed an assymetric lighting technique which allows us to create a hard-lit subject, rich with shadows giving the illusion of depth. Through another set of digital techniques we can then equalise the lighting conditions, giving us a digital file which is perfect in its detail and yet preserving the appearance of texture. We also have lighting and capture techniques to allow us to preserve the reflective appearance of metallic paints and gold leaf. There are limitations to this, as we can only light from one position and capture one set of reflections.


Transparencies or Direct Digital Capture

When we make a direct digital capture(or DDC) of your artwork, we not only have the advantage of digital focus and a color-managed environment which faithfully captures your artwork, but most importantly we create a super high-resolution digital image without any intermediate steps. A skilled studio-photographer may be able to light and photograph your image perfectly, but it is difficult to ensure that every part of the image is in focus and absent of unwanted reflections. Even if this is the case, you still have a piece of film which must then be scanned to create a digital file. This intermediate step is eliminated with DDC.


What if I have a 4 x 5 transparency, 35mm slide or other image ?

If you do possess a transparency, 35mm slide, photograph or other type of image, we would be happy to scan these for you. We use an Imacon Virtual Drum Scanner for film. We are able to scan any format from 35mm and 4 x 5’s to 6 x 17cm. We also use an Epson flatbed scanner for other flat artwork.

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