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'Apples in Bowl' by Brenda Doucette
'Tied to Reason' by BJ Bribner
Jaquar Blues by Karen Ahlgren
'Carriage' by Brandon Maldonaldo
'Sandia Silence' by Richard Alan Nichols
'August Sunset Tooth' by Dawn Chandler
'Mountain Folds' by Kathryn Tatum
'Mother of All Nations' by Father Bill McNichols
Chilli Lady by Jeralyn Lujan Lucero -
'The Road Home' by Tracy Turner
'Tres Patrones' by Eduardo Chacon
'Anasazi' by Kimberly Webber
'Mount Elbert' Dyptich by George Chacon
'St. Francis' by Carolene Herbel
'The Red Shoes' by Susan K. Boyle
'Wild Flowers' by Linda Hoag
'Winter Trails' by Don Brackett
'Fall Semester' by Leigh Gusterson
'Bright Buildings in Light' by Margaret Nes
'Evening Glow' by John Farnsworth
'Montmartre Reflections' by Paula Fasten
'Ashes to Dust' by JD Challenger
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